Design in Jordan

An interview with creative director Ramzi Al-Arabi – Done by a students of visual communication at Jordan University of Science and Technology

What do you think the main topics we should raise awareness in design about?

Design of all forms has the power to move people and raise awareness. Design isn’t only about “selling” services or/and goods. It’s a basic fundamental system in our life, and we need it on a daily basis. Accordingly, design gave more responsibilities to designers who play an important role as the new agents of change. Designers should create something new for the world by using creativity and strategic design thinking whilst demonstrating their ability for social awareness. Topics to talk about are endless, violence, world peace, sexual harassment, street children, global warming…etc.

What do you think are the main obstacles that face design in Jordan?

I should categorize the word “design” into two categories “Design for business and design for non-business”. In Jordan, Designing for business is booming, and designers have done good work so far. One of the major challenges facing the design industry in Jordan lies in clarifying and communicating the value and potentials of design. Many sectors are not aware of the importance of design. It’s a little vague for many people what design really is and what it’s capable of.

If you have a team of designers what would you do to raise awareness about design in Jordan?

Initially, I would go for a street show, asking my designers to contribute in this show, advising them to produce designs that show the essence of design and its importance. Next step will be “Social Media”.I

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