Creating a new brand can seem like a daunting task. How do you represent yourself and services to your target audience in the right way? There are many things to consider, from picking a colour scheme and logo design to nailing your style guide and tagline. But don’t worry, creating a winning brand isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds. Let’s talk about a few simple but powerful factors that will help you wrap everything up: logo design, brand style guide and imagery. 

Design a logo with personality

A vital part of a company’s marketing efforts, a quality logo can go a long way towards building brand loyalty and recognition. The best time to start thinking about a logo that successfully represents your brand is after you’ve decided which adjectives or attributes best describe the concept you’ve created. Think about your brand promise and the unique characteristics of your product to help give it personality. 

Once all of these aspects are finalised, you can get cracking on the fun part – designing your logo. Need some help? Why not consider teaming up with a designer, or using an online casino dealer in rcbc plaza companies to help shape your ideas?

Your brand’s logo should be aligned with your brand values and communicate its personality, so you may find your design goes through various iterations before you’re completely happy with it. If you need a starting point, there are tons of logo templates over at Placeit, which you can experiment with. 

Create a style guide

Another important step to creating a winning brand is a style guide – a document that contains all the ground rules about how your brand should look in visual media. This includes guidelines for proper logo usage; typography hierarchy and use on presentations, letters, and other official statements. The core colour palette and complementary colours, imagery style and often brand narrative and tone are included also.  

Taking the time to create a brand style guide will ensure your brand’s visual consistency and professionalism in all internal and external communication channels. Implementing brand guidelines makes it easier to maintain the quality and integrity of your brand’s image.

Need some help getting started? Get expert advice in our post on how to create a style guide

Use images that pack a punch

Imagery is part of a brand identity that can often go overlooked. But using images that resonate with your target audience and stand out is key. There are many ways of building up your own library of assets, including hiring a photographer. But that’s one way to quickly rack up a hefty bill. 

To save yourself some time and money, why not create them yourself? After all, being creative is what you do best, right? And if you need a hand sorting your images for social media, there are dedicated social media image makers that have you covered. 

You can also use these handy mockups by Placeit, which make creating the perfect images to promote your product a cinch. Customisable and available in a wide variety of stages and moods, going from devices to apparel, you’re sure to find one in-keeping with your style guide. No design software required, simply browse the gallery, find the mockups that best suit your brand, upload your assets, pick your brand’s colors, and create your images hassle-free. 

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