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Tutorial: Design Apocalyptic 3D garments

Take the hassle out of modelling clothes for your characters with this handy tutorial

This guide will take you through the process of creating realistic clothing for your characters.

Download the files here (1.8GB) 

Tutorial: Create a tracker in Apple Motion 5 

Get your subjects under surveillance with this motion tracker tutorial

Discover an easy-to-use MotionTracker in Apple’s Motion 5’s graphics software .

Download the files here.

Tutorial: Create and pose a fun character in ZBrush

Swan Lake, anyone?

Who says crocodiles can’t be ballerinas? Well, we’re about to make that dream come true with the power of ZBrush.

Download the files here.  

Training: 3D Bootcamp

Laubwerk, the developer of the Plant Kit plugins, has recently released the SURFACEspread plugin for Cinema 4D 

SurfaceSPREAD from Laubwerk is an affordable Cinema 4D plugin that offers a huge range of ways to add variety to a scene.

Download files here

Training: Q and A

Our panel solves your CG problems

In this issue our panel includes Simon Edwards, Oscar Juarez and Pietro Chiovara.

Download the files here .