Oun Express

Visual Identity Design, Mobile App UX and UI, Advertising Campaign

Oun Express

Founded in 2020 in Saudi Arabia, with a cloud technology platform and digital-only approach, Oun Express was born to disrupt the traditional supply chain model.

Oun Express understands what it takes to succeed in the rapidly changing digital world we operate in today. Their positioning, predictive, and machine learning technologies are so uniquely equipped to meet the transport and shipping demands of the generations.

Oun Express Case Study

Oun Express team came to us with three aspects to cover from the design perspective:

  • Logo and identity design for a company brand and diverse marketing goals
  • Mobile UX/UI based on a consistent approach with visual branding and a super high level of usability for any category of the service clients
  • A launch advertising campaign that is meant to spread brand awareness and act as an introduction to more coming marketing and communication activities.

My team and I created a brand identity and a mobile app design that would help redefine a third-party logistics company and let residents in Saudi Arabia know that Own Express people genially care about the success of their clients.


My general direction to take into account for the entire design process was the harmonic combination of friendliness and seriousness, focusing on using Arabic language characters as the company’s name suggests: Oun Express is a super friendly and open company that deals with serious challenges. The ability to work on both branding and user experience on the mobile app allowed for a comprehensive and consistent design approach for all the channels of company communication with the target audience.

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