The times when businesses used social media purely for fun are far behind us. Nowadays, it’s all about building brand awareness, making profits, providing social proof, and simply growing your businesses. That’s why ART GATE is here to help you achieve all that.

Our strategic framework

The strategic framework we’ve developed takes into account two crucial facts about social media:

Any successful social media campaign requires authentic, meaningful interactions with the prospective audience. This is especially true for brands/organizations that want to use social media channels since individuals generally prefer to interact socially with other individuals and not brands.

Social Media users are experiencing an increasingly large volume of content on their channels of choice. A successful social media campaign, therefore, must stand out from the noise without adding to the user fatigue caused by the flood of content.

In brief, the Dragonfly Strategy relies on four key “wings”:

1. Focus – Identify the target audience and create specific, short-term, measurable goals for that audience.

2. Grab Attention – Develop techniques that will draw eyes to the content you’re generating.

3. Engage – Create content that is compelling and meaningful to your audience, and engage them in conversation when they respond to your content.

4.Take Action – Inspire your audience to engage in certain kinds of action and make it easy for them to do so.